Just Ten Minutes a Day

Just Ten Minutes a Day

Most mornings I begin my day with ten minutes of quietly sitting on my cloth covered bench in my closet and I meditate. I love this time by myself and have seen the positive effects first hand of this wonderful morning ritual. I feel calm, focused, and experience a sense of empowerment before my day begins.

I avoided learning about meditation for years because I thought you had to sit cross-legged or hold your fingers a certain way or hum a certain note. Meditation in its simplest form is just sitting in a comfortable position, being relaxed, and focusing on your breathe. It is learning how to let go of the thoughts that enter your mind.

These principles seem simple enough but what they teach us is so much bigger. By focusing on our breathe, we learn how to live in the present. Our breathe is happening right now, so as we focus on the inhale and the exhale, we keep our mind and our thoughts in the present. The past may involve regret or bitterness; the future may involve worry or anxiety. However, the present is what is happening now.

Throughout the day, our mind is bombarded with thoughts. Some are pleasant but others are filled with emotions that influence our mood. Through meditation, we learn to control our thoughts by simply letting them go. If we experience an uncomfortable thought, we do not need to let it ruin our day.

Meditation is probably the best kept secret to living mindfully and peacefully. I encourage you to try it and I highly recommend the Headspace App. This app has the cutest videos that explain meditation so clearly. Give it a try. It only takes ten minutes!

Featured photos by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash.