Finding Balance

Finding Balance

A well-balanced life, just like a well-balanced meal, includes all the things that we believe are beneficial for us. That’s why we try to limit desserts and put extra veggies on our plate.

What makes a well-balanced life for you? Consider these areas when filling your “plate” or your day: physical, mental, emotional, social, occupational, and/or spiritual. Look at your calendar and identify what part of your week you dedicate to these areas. Eliminate the things that are not so good, like sugar or tv watching, in order to add the things that are more beneficial for you. Don’t eliminate all desserts because it is okay to have some indulgences, but make sure all the important stuff is in your calendar first.

Some examples could be to read a book before bed in order to fulfill a mental goal. Another example could be to do stretching exercises while you watch tv each night for thirty minutes. This fulfills a physical goal. Another example might be to enroll in night school in order to fulfill an occupational goal.

Try making one small change each week until your “plate” is well-balanced and includes all the areas necessary for good health.

Featured photo by Leio McLaren on Unsplash.