Find Your Creative Spark

Find Your Creative Spark

I was on vacation, the same one described on my About Cledo page, when I learned how important art was to me. We were in Georgia, walking around the city when we found a craft booth that you could paint your own piece of pottery. You came back the next day to pick it up. I loved the lady running the booth. I couldn’t decide which color to paint my piece and she said we could choose but it was really up to the kiln gods how our piece would turn out. Funny thing happened. My piece came out green when I thought I had painted it blue! But I loved it!!

Painting that pottery was the highlight of the trip and I realized that it had been a very long time that I had done something creative. I felt rejuvenated and alive!

In an article entitled, Creativity Can Reduce Stress — And Become A Habit, author Owen Poindexter wrote, “It’s common wisdom that relaxed people have an easier time being creative than their stressed out counterparts, but research suggests that the reverse is also true: creative activity is an effective strategy against stress. The focus, emotional expression and perspective that come through creative acts disrupt mental patterns of stress and anguish, and help people lead more fulfilling lives.”

It is good for your health to spend time creatively. It will reduce your stress and help you relax. So find your creative spark!

There are many ways to be creative. What excites you? Is it music, drawing, dancing? Visit an art museum or an art store. Get inspired and then try something that looks fun. Explore and discover and play!

Featured photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash.

A Collage About Me

A Collage About Me

When I sensed that my life was about to change in a big way, I found myself questioning everything about the way I lived. How was I spending my time? Who was I spending it with? What did I want to do? What was important to me? What did I value? The questions kept coming and I searched for answers. One activity that helped me sort through my questions, was to create a collage about my interests, passions, and who I wanted to be.

This is an easy project that can be completed in an afternoon. I used a sturdy piece of mixed media paper, some Modge Podge, and inspirational magazines. First, just thumb through the magazines and cut out anything that represents you or feels good to you. This can be words or pictures or colors. When you have a nice big pile, lay them all out and see if anything is missing. For example, maybe you love bike riding and you don’t have a picture of bicycles.

Once you are finished cutting, arrange your collection on your paper. Collages are fun because there isn’t a specific way to arrange the pieces. You can overlap, tear, and cut until you like your layout.

Next, pour some Modge Podge in a plastic cup and with a paint brush, start gluing the pieces down. Put a layer of glue under the image and then another layer on top. Continue working from one side to the other. When everything is glued down and dried, you may want to brush another layer of glue over the whole collage.

Creating a collage about yourself is a fun way to visually see what makes you happy and what you want your life to include. The collage is a nice reminder of what is important to you and allows you to see who you are at a glance.



As a kid, my favorite thing to do was doodle. In fact, I doodled through school, high school, and college. Those long lectures and note taking were only tolerable because I doodled all around the margins. And I am still a doodler! I prefer doodling to using a coloring book where you have a predetermined drawing to fill in. There is such a movement now to color as a means to helping someone relax and clear their head, but coloring is actually more stressful for me. I prefer the good old-fashioned doodle anytime.

Take a white piece of paper and your favorite coloring tool – crayons, markers, pastels, or pencils. Then just start doing what you feel like. Make a circle or any shape or no shape at all. Just play. At first it might be difficult but I guarantee that if you let go and just add color, you will reignite that creative spirit within.

If this is difficult for you to do, remind yourself that you can throw your paper away when you are done. Do this exercise several days in a row and see if it helps to inspire your creativity or to just relax and put a smile on your face!

Featured photo by Olloweb Solutions on Unsplash.