Mind, Body & Soul

This class is an 8-session course. The cost of $145. 

The fee includes: the Nurture Journal, weekly handouts, 8 classes, and a personal one-on-one coaching session. 

The class begins on Thursday, August 4 and ends on Thursday, September 29, We will meet on Zoom at 7:00 pm every week, plus you will schedule your one-on-one coaching session at a convenient time for you.


Many of us give so much of ourselves to those we love, our jobs, and other relationships that by the end of the day, there just isn't much left over. We may feel tired and depleted. However, when we take care of ourselves first, we will be our best so we can give our best to the people in our lives.

Many of the obstacles we face everyday are the result of a need we have in one of the three areas: mind, body, or soul. Devoting small nuggets of time in each of these areas keeps us strong and gives us the potential to thrive!

Invest in a stronger version of yourself! You will learn tools to identify the areas of self-care, how to watch for alerts, and create a plan to address your individual needs.


Here is an outline of the class:

Class 1: What is Self-Care?
Classes 2-3: Mind - Negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, reframing thoughts, staying challenged
Classes 4-5: Body - Body image, nourishment, movement, how to eat, eating guidelines
Classes 6-7: Soul - Managing emotions, breathing, grounding exercises, social experiences
Class 8: Daily Care - Emotional check-ins, relationship with yourself, intentions, gratefulness, celebrations
Class 9: Review and questions
Class 10: Schedule your personal coaching session.


For additional questions, please email me at cledodesigns@gmail.com.

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