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    Journal Class

    Join our Journal Class beginning Sunday, June 6, 2021.

    We will use the Nurture Journal as a guide for our daily writing. Each week we will discuss the previous week's entries. What worked for you last week and what could have been better? How do you want to approach the upcoming week? Did you make any discoveries about yourself? How did you care for yourself?

    The class is $30 per month for a 45-minute ZOOM call every Sunday evening beginning at 7:00 pm. Before joining the class, you must purchase the Nurture Journal.  

    Today's Focus:-

    There are days that I am not organized enough to know what to do first. Some days are overwhelming because I have so much to do. Other days I am distracted and put my priorities to the side for someone else. It can be hard to have a productive day, day after day after day. So, when those troublesome times appear, I have had to come up with a strategy to make the most out of a challenging day.

    I love being home and working from home. I love the opportunity to mingle work with personal appointments and get up early or stay up late to meet a deadline. For me, I am at my most productive self when I am working at home. But there is a drawback. It is sometimes easy to push a task to the next day or even week. There is always tomorrow.

    It is easy to procrastinate, and that bad habit is hard to break. If something doesn’t get done today, I can do it tomorrow. Without a boss to tell me it has to be done by five o’clock, it is difficult to push off that last minute invitation for lunch. I found myself getting further and further behind where I wanted to be.

    I started to get behind on my goals. I had to have a sit down with myself and reexamine why I wanted to build this business. I had to rediscover my passion and start saying no to going out for lunch. With my tasks piling up, I had to figure out how I was going to catch up on the work I procrastinated to do.