These are FREE downloadable files to help you build your beautiful life.
Please print copies for yourself only and refer your friends to my website if they want a copy too!

Download your free copies of a 100-Day Habit Tracker and a Yearly Habit Tracker. Put them in a visible place to help you develop new healthy habits in 2022!

The 100-Day Habit Tracker is designed as a notebook page with 10 rows of 10 circles. Track a habit one row at a time or for 30, 60, or 90 days. You could also track two habits for 50 days.

The Yearly Habit Tracker is perfect for that habit you really want to do every single day. It can be a daily, visible reminder to keep you accountable. It can also be used to track a new habit each month. Under the month name write the habit you are tracking and cross off the circles as you develop your new habits!

If you have several habits you are adding to your day, you may be interested in the Habit Tracker Notepad found in the Products Section for only $5.00!


Download Habit Trackers. 

You know by now I love to draw nature and whimsical flowers just make me smile so here is a fun way to track your new habits. You can track three habits for 31 days each by following the numbers and color in each section every time you complete your habit. Print it here and put it on your refrigerator to help remind you to make these awesome changes in your life.


Download Flower Habit Tracker.

If you are wondering if you have healthy boundaries with the people in your life, download this handout and ask yourself if you feel comfortable with each of these statements. 


 Download Healthy Boundaries