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Everyone needs a reminder now and then of the things that are truly important in life. Pin this sheet on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator so you can read it daily until you are living these principles. Add some of your own too!

If you want to keep growing as a person whether in knowledge or skills, you have to keep learning. Every time I realize I don’t know how to do something, I write it on my list. Make learning part of your daily routine either by researching, reading, or taking a class.

Having a master grocery list can be so helpful when you are planning a trip to the supermarket. You can print this list and even laminate it, then hang it on your refrigerator. If you use a waterbase marker, just check off the items you need to buy during the week. Then wipe it off and reuse it.

Before going to bed, create a to-do list for tomorrow. Having a plan in place is helpful for staying productive and motivated. Write the most prioritized tasks at the top. It is very satisfying to check off each completed item. At the end of the day, transfer any unfinished tasks to your new list.

A busy week becomes more manageable with this week-at-a-glance sheet. Appointments are listed at the top since a specific time of day has been designated. The middle section has a blank checklist to track the tasks that need to be completed. The bottom section is perfect for meal planning, exercise goals, or other projects.