Why Journal?

I have to admit, I only started journaling about two years ago. Sure I bought journals and had great intentions, but I didn't see the benefit or value of writing down my thoughts.

I was so wrong.

I joined a journaling class. I thought, "Why not? I will give this a try."

Each day we journaled and had to post what we wrote. The amount we journaled did not matter. It could be a few sentences or pages and pages. Usually, my entries consisted of about 3-5 sentences and sometimes, I just made a bullet point list.

Then, it happened.

I started to make some discoveries about myself and my life. Little things started popping up in my writing and it opened my eyes. 

I was able to make some changes that made a difference and all because I was journaling. These were things that I hadn't been aware of before, but through my writing, I finally brought them to the surface.

I challenge you to give it a try. Find an empty notebook or journal. Each morning, spend about ten minutes writing down your thoughts. Don't over think it. Just write. After you have done this for a week or longer, reread your entries. I truly hope that you will be as surprised and delighted as I was.