What Do You Value?

Our values or the things that are important to us, are what define us. Values are what guide the choices we make in our life. They may dictate our morals and keep us in line to our own personal standards. With so much power over us, it is important that we are aware of which values we hold in the highest regard.

The most successful relationships are those when two people have shared values. If two people both value family, for example, and there is a choice between going to a movie or going to a family event, then both will want to go to the family event.

Values are the underlying motivation for what we do and how we spend our time. So when two people share the same values, they will get along better and have more in common.

Barrett Values Centre has a test you can take to find out what you value and how values impact your life. There is so much information on this website. You may find out things about yourself that will help determine what goals you want to set for the new year.

So can you see the value of finding out your values?

Featured photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash.