Teeny, Tiny Steps

This blog is about a few little lessons I have learned that help me continue on my daily journey to move my life towards my dreams and goals. I am a goal-setter. I live by setting goals. I love to dream, plan, create steps, and then check each item off my list. When one list is complete, I make another for the next set of steps. The problem I encounter is that some of the tasks prove to be more difficult than I anticipated. I sometimes feel blocked mentally, emotionally, or physically. I don’t always meet my goals and then I feel discouraged. Sound familiar?

Recently, I have been reading or hearing about a new approach.

This message has been rearing up everywhere. You know when you learn a new word, “discombobulated” for example. I was with friends and one of them said she felt discombobulated. I asked her what that meant. I never heard that word before. (I decided I needed to work on my vocabulary.) Then, I started hearing people use “discombobulated” everywhere.

But in truth, I was probably hearing it often enough, I just wasn’t tuning in to it.

So, back to this new approach to goals. I have been hearing the idea of “taking a step forward” or “one step at a time” or “a book is written one word at a time.” None of this registered a significant lesson for me. Until now.

Live simply and intentionally was the lesson of an article I read.

This article was found in Flow magazine, one of my favorite reads. Here is a link to purchase this wonderful magazine: www.flowmagazine.com. Unfortunately, I cannot say which article or author and I wish I could give proper credit, but almost every article in Flow is about living mindfully and slowing life down.

Do something every day that brings you closer to your goals.

In this article, the idea of doing something everyday towards your goals or dreams was presented as opposed to working overtime on overdrive to achieve these goals quickly. Taking teeny, tiny steps towards an end goal keeps us moving in the direction of our dreams while at the same time attempting to keep some sort of balance with our other priorities in life.

Staying the course while working on a goal requires discipline, consistency, and effort.

When a challenge or obstacle is presented, resilience and persistence are also required. This is difficult. Not very many people have the kind of passion and determination to reach the toughest of dreams. Even though we may want something so much, desire itself is not enough to pull us out of bed during a rainstorm so-to-speak.

Think of the next teeny, tiny step.

Instead of getting discouraged during these low moments of our journey, we can take the approach of a teeny, tiny step. Ask yourself, “what is the next tiny step I can do to move myself forward?” It may be simply returning an email or phone call. After that, take the next tiny step and so on. You may not get that much done by the end of the week, but you will have continued moving forward even if it is not as fast as you would have liked.

Tiny steps forward are better than standing still.

We are all ambitious on January 1st. We fully intend to lose ten pounds, write a book, go to the gym every day, stop smoking, etc. Then two or three weeks pass by and we struggle to continue to work on making these changes. So, we give up, feeling discouraged. Some might pick up the torch and try again, but most give up altogether.

Move a little bit forward rather than give up on your dreams.

Even at these moments, when we feel we failed at a particular goal, how might it help to think of the next tiny step? During periods of discouragement we may want to throw in the towel. But instead of giving up, we could keep moving in the right direction just by taking a tiny step.

With each step forward, our confidence grows, giving us more determination.

Taking tiny steps will build our resilience to keep going with a tough goal. After accomplishing several positive steps, we strengthen our resolve. Those obstacles that tried to stop us may no longer hold us back.

Don’t give up; take a teeny, tiny step!

I wake up each day with one goal in mind: move my life forward. I take tiny steps towards my many dreams and goals. As I check things off my list throughout the day, I know that I am moving in the right direction and I am not giving up!



Featured photo by Picsea on Unsplash.