Take the Leap

“Take risks. If you win, you will be happy. If you lose, you will be wise.” It’s leap year! We get an extra day this year! What will you do with your extra day today?

Thinking about having an “extra” day made me think about taking risks. (I don’t know where my mind gets this stuff, but there it is.) If there is “extra” of something, then we can take a risk without worrying about wasting it or losing it.

So, this leap year, with our extra day, we have the opportunity to try something new and take a risk with it. While journaling today, make a list of things that hold you back and risks you want to take. Then write about what might happen if you take those risks. There could be positive and negative outcomes for those risks, but either way the risks offer a learning opportunity.

The possibilities are most likely so much more than just that, but without taking the leap, we will never know what is possible. That’s it for today. I am now going to write in my journal. So, I am challenging myself as I challenge you to take the leap and take a risk! 

Featured photo by Erik Dungan on Unsplash.