Simplicity 101

I am moving at the end of this month. I love moving into a new place because it is a fresh start and a chance to organize and simplify my life. I sort every closet and drawer and keep only the items that serve me well.

This move is different for me though. I decided that I wanted less stuff, but I struggle with letting go of some of my material things. I keep feeling weighed down by having too much. My solution? I rented a storage unit. I plan to use this as a short-term solution. I packed up everything that isn’t helping me with my current goals and put them in storage.

These ‘things’ are out of my sight for now and I already feel freer. This step of removing the excess items from my living space has allowed me to be so productive. My day is simple now. I have only what I need to accomplish the tasks required for me to reach my goals. The excess no longer distracts me.

When our lives and our living spaces have less stuff and fewer distractions, we are free to do the important things really, really well. It is simple really. Have less, do more . . . simplicity 101.

Featured photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash.