Sending Love

Valentine's Day is coming up! For some, this is an exciting day to celebrate his or her love for another person.

For others, . . . it is a day that shouts constant reminders of being alone and for this reason, Valentine's Day has been recently nicknamed, "single awareness day."

When I first heard that term, I thought mmmmm. . . depressing. But then I realized, "Hey, what's wrong with being single?" I have been single for a little over two years. And I am enjoying it!

Although it is wonderful to "be in love," it is also wonderful to "be strong and single." So Single Awareness Day, I am ready for you.

Valentine's Day can be a day for everyone - Singles and Couples. It is a day to celebrate ALL the people we love!

Use it as an opportunity to tell the people we care about what they mean to us. This could include parents, children, and friends. What about neighbors and co-workers or the people who provide services for you, like your hair stylist or manicurist.

Send love as far as you want to reach out. Remember in grade school, when we brought Valentine's cards to share with the class? It might be fun to make an adult version of this little gesture and send love to all the people around you.

Featured photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash and slightly modified by me.