Self-Care List

Self-care simply by definition is the care for oneself. It can be used to justify a spa day, a personal day from work, or just a me day.

Taking care of ourselves is not only necessary, it is also essential to happy living. Self-care usually refers to when we feel emotionally or mentally down. Some people neglect this type of care, but it is just as important as when we are ill. If we feel physically sick, we stay in bed and rest or take medicine. And when we are emotionally unwell, we also need care.

During a period of sadness, it is hard to think about what to do to feel better. One idea is to make a list of things that help. The next time you are feeling low, check your list and pick something to do for yourself.

Some ideas might include: taking a bubble bath, going on a walk, reading a book, or calling a friend. Having a list is helpful, however, it is more important to actually act upon how you will care for yourself.

Self-care is also having the discipline to do what you need to do to make yourself feel better. So the next time you are feeling physically, mentally, or emotionally down, be sure to take care of you!

Featured photo by Arnold Leung on Unsplash.