Seasonal Decorating

As a child, one of my favorite things to do was rearrange my bedroom. I loved the cleaning and organizing aspect as much as the decorating. I would climb into bed after working on my room all day and feel so excited about the new look. As an adult, I still love cleaning and organizing, but instead of moving furniture, I like to change my decorations each season.

Changing my environment keeps me excited about where I live.

The changes don’t have to be costly; many decorative items can be found at a discount or refurbished from something you already own. I try to focus on the season rather than on the holidays that occur during that season so I can enjoy the decorations for a few months. That way, even when the holiday is over, I still can enjoy the season.

Changing my decorations inspires me to deep clean, reorganize, and refresh my home. 

As I am moving things around like furniture, pillows, pictures, or candles, I get a chance to clean behind the sofa or recycle old magazines. It motivates me to do a little extra cleaning and straightening. I enjoy this time and attention I give to my home because it feels good to take care of where I live. I benefit from the results.

Focus on your main living areas for the biggest impact.

I decorate mainly in my living room and kitchen. If I have a few extra items, I may sprinkle some seasonal things in my bedroom. The areas of my home where I spend the most time, get the most of my attention.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  1. Pillows and throw blankets are a quick and easy way to make a room feel cozy and seasonal. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside, I love snuggling in a soft blanket.
  2. Candles, diffusers, and air fresheners can instantly make your room smell like the current season. I like to switch these out regularly with my favorite scents.
  3. Sentiments and quotes can be found on all kinds of pictures and wooden plaques to display around your home. These cute reminders just add to the season with humorous and thoughtful sayings.
  4. Plants and flowers can be switched out for a seasonal variety such as tulips for spring, daisies for summer, or sunflowers for fall.
  5. Lights add warmth to any space. Usually, string lights are only available during the holidays so I like to pick out several that I can use anytime of the year. Different colors or styles can create the ambience you desire.
  6. Drink stations can be updated each season to serve a special drink such as tea in spring, lemonade in summer, apple or pumpkin ciders in fall, and hot chocolate for winter.
  7. Candy dishes and cookie jars can be filled with a special treat that represents each season. It is nice to look forward to pumpkin scones in the fall or white chocolate peppermint cookies in winter.

I hope you will try decorating each season and I would really LOVE to hear what you do in your home!


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