Spending more time at home during these last eighteen months has changed my schedule and the way I view the day. One day blends in with the next and most of the time, I am not sure what day of the week it is. Work or play have also blended together, not knowing when one task ends, nor the next one begins. No clear boundaries! This may not seem like a problem for most people, but for me, I was feeling guilty whenever I wasn’t working or accomplishing a task.

Create a solid schedule.

The first thing I decided to do was create a schedule that clearing defined my work time. Being at home made it difficult for me to focus on work when there were dishes in the sink. All my tasks blended together and even though I was busy all day, I was getting little work done. A work schedule helped me to separate when I should be working from when I should not be working.

Decide on how many hours each week will be dedicated to work.

It is hard to measure how much time you need to work. I love creating so I mostly have the opposite problem. I can create nonstop and will do so until I burn out. Setting my number of hours creates minimums and maximums.

Block the hours on your calendar.

If you decide to work five hours on Monday, two hours on Tuesday, etc. then actually block those hours. Monday’s work time could be from 9-11 am and 1-4 pm to make up the five hours.

Assign weekly tasks to the work hours you blocked.

Monday’s morning hours could be filled with the weekly task of writing a weekly blog. If you finish in less than the time allowed, you could begin the next week’s blog article. Most of your hours should be allotted to specific tasks or type of tasks such as email, marketing, or product development.

Commit to your schedule.

It will take time to readjust your schedule and your mindset in order to stick to your schedule. I find myself still compromising but I am doing it less and less. My work is becoming contained in the hours that I have dedicated for it which feels so good and the best part is I am more productive than ever.

The reward is rest.

I no longer feel guilty. When I am not working, I know that I can relax or play or do whatever I want. I have decided that one day a week I will not work at all and one day a week, I do not leave the house so I can have a very focused, uninterrupted day. When I am resting, there is no guilt! To my surprise, my rest day is often the greatest source of new ideas and creativity! 


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