Organizing Tip #21: Bag Lady

We have a joke in our family . . . we are all bag ladies! You can never have enough bags because when the occasion strikes, you need the perfect bag!

I am not talking about expensive purses here, just bags in general. They can be dollar store shopping bags or Target backpacks. The price is not relevant. But the size, shape, and design is the deciding factor for which bags to hoard and which bags to eliminate.

There are four girls in my family and we all have a stash of bags. We openly joke about it! In fact, I have passed on this accumulation habit to my daughter. She has her own stash of bags in her closet! We once left TJ Maxx with four new bags because she could not decide or eliminate any of them.

I should clarify that “bags” does not mean purses. It includes purses but it also includes all types of other bags.

When I clean out my closet, I must also sort my bags. I lay them all out on my bed and look at which ones I like to use for different occasions. It is hard to let them go even if I haven’t used it for several months.

To store my collection, I place the same type of bags inside the largest one of that type. For example, I have backpacks, carrying bags, and purses. I put all the backpacks in the largest backpack. I put all the carrying bags inside the largest carrying bag. And finally, I put all the purses in the largest purse. It is a system that works well for me.

When I head out the door and need a bag, I can find the perfect one quickly.

If you are a bag lady like me, I hope this helps you keep the number of bags you possess under control and organized. And no, unfortunately, this blog post is not a joke.

I really do have an obsession with bags and proudly call myself a “bag lady.”

Featured photo by Alfonso Ramirez on Unsplash.