Organizing Tip #17: Shoes

Are your shoes in a pile at the back of your closet? Is it hard to find the shoes you need for work tomorrow?

Here are a few tips for organizing all your shoes.

The first thing to do before you organize is to sort and get rid of unwanted shoes or those you haven’t worn in more than a year. If you aren’t wearing them regularly, then chances are you won’t miss them either.

After you have sorted your shoes, divide them into two piles: those you wear often (every week) and those you wear occasionally. I like to use shoe racks or shelves lined up at the bottom of my closet for all the shoes that I wear frequently. They are easier to find and put back when all I have to do is reach for them.

There are also hanging style shoe holders that work too. For the less worn shoes, I like to store them in clear plastic shoe containers on the shelf at the top of my closet. I can see what shoes are inside at a glance and even though it is a little harder to reach for them, it is okay because I don’t wear these as often.

This system works for me because I can rotate my shoes. During the summer, my sandals are out where I can reach them and winter shoes are put on the shelf. In the winter, I put my sandals away and bring out my booties. Each season, I am moving my shoes around so I am constantly sorting and updating them.

A little tip for knee high boots is to cut one of those swimming pool noodles to fit inside your boot. The noodles look like long tubes and usually can be cut in about three or four pieces depending on how tall your boots are. I insert this piece inside my boots to help them stand upright, keeping their shape.

Shoes have a way of cluttering up our closets and by keeping them organized, our closets look and feel more organized.

Have fun organizing!

Featured photo by Andrew Tanglao on Unsplash.