Organizing Tip #16: Sugar & Spice

Spices are essential for cooking and baking if you want your food to taste delicious! It is easy to accumulate all varieties especially combination spices like italien blends or seasoned salts. Our spice cabinet can quickly become overstuffed making it difficult to find the one you need.

A simple organization plan can remedy this problem.

Step 1: Take all spices out of your cabinet. Discard old spices. Instead of looking at the expiration date, smell and taste to see if there is any flavor.

Step 2: Locate the best cabinet for storing spices. I like the one to the left of my stove since I am left-handed. You may like the cabinet on the right, but the idea is to put them near your stove for easy reaching. I use the bottom shelf for spices, the middle shelf for oils and vinegars, and the top shelf for bulk spices, dressing bottles, and small pitchers for sauces.

Step 3: Find a lazy susan or a tiered shelf so you can read labels and organize spices. Even though there are so many spice racks available that sit on you counter, spices should be in a dark cabinet since the light destroys the potency of the spice.

Step 4: Alphabetize your spices. This is the best tip! I thought it was ridiculous when I first heard this suggestion, but it is really an amazing tip. I can find my spices so easily. I put the spices that I use most often on the outside edge of the lazy susan and the ones I rarely use in the middle where it is harder to reach.

That's it! You will never have to organize your spices again!

Featured photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash.