Organizing Tip #14: Kitchen Basics

I have moved so many times in my life, more than I would have liked. But those experiences taught me how to pack, unpack, and organize my house within days of a move. I soon came to realize that once my stuff was organized and sorted, setting up a new house became sort of automatic.

Let's look specifically at the kitchen. Think about your utensil drawer. Most of us have the divider that separates the forks (large and small), spoons (large and small), and the knives. It is automatic and easy to figure out where each item goes.

The rest of the kitchen is a little more challenging but can be simplified just like a utensil drawer if you separate items into categories.

Here are some examples:

Cookware includes pots and pans, grill pans, and skillets.

Bakeware includes baking trays, cooling racks, pie pans, cake pans, and casserole type dishes.

Cooking Utensils includes spatulas, large spoons, tongs.

Food storage includes plastic or glass containers with lids, aluminum foil, ziploc bags, etc.

Once I unpack and sort into these categories, I look for the best place, easy-to-reach location.

I like to use the cabinet to the left of my stove for spices, oils, and vinegars. A lower cabinet near the stove has my pots and pans. My dishes are in a cabinet close to the dishwasher with the utensil drawer right below it. The utensils I use for cooking are in a drawer above the pots and pans.

By keeping "like things together" and storing items in a sensible location, your kitchen will be organized in a few hours with great functionality!

Featured photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash.