Organizing Tip #12: Containers

Containers are my favorite thing in the world! I know every organizer out there understands this passion because there is just nothing as satisfying as finding the perfect container!

Imagine a pile of stuff, whether on a kitchen counter or a desktop or a bathroom vanity. Now imagine that same pile of stuff organized in a little container. When items are arranged in a basket or bin, it doesn't look like clutter anymore.

So it is not having "stuff" that makes us a clutter bug; it is how that same stuff is displayed or organized.

When looking for the perfect container, the first thing I search for is functionality. Will this container work well for what I need? If you have to stand bottles up in it, then the container should have a smooth, flat bottom. I personally love square containers because there is no wasted space around it.

Then I look for the curb appeal. Does it look amazing? With so many choices out there, you CAN be picky! If you want to show off the contents, maybe a glass jar is perfect. For a more homey touch, maybe a natural basket is best.

Look around and see where your clutter is resting. Find the perfect container and presto . . . instant satisfaction!

Featured photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash.