Organizing Tip #11: Eat Your Frog

The bestselling book by Brian Tracy called, Eat That Frog, coined this term. It means to do your least favorite thing first, then the rest of your day will be easy and you will accomplish more as a result. And it works!

When we have a long list of to do’s, there is usually one or two items on that list that we really don’t want to do or we don’t know how to do. It is easy to recognize these ”frog like” tasks because they keep showing up on our to do list. Day after day, there it is.

We think if we ignore it, it may go away. Sometimes this works, but more often we become less productive because this one task is holding us back.

So start each day eating your frog for breakfast. Let your one goal for the day be to get this task DONE for good!

Featured photo by David Clode on Unsplash.