Organizing Tip #1: Put “Like” Things Together

Whether I am organizing a clothes closet or my kitchen cupboards, I strictly follow one rule – “Like” Things MUST be together. And really, by sticking to this rule, I actually make the process easier!

I know some people like the surprise of finding a random umbrella or beach towel or board game in any number of closets throughout the house, but I like knowing that all my umbrellas are in my coat closet and all my board games are in the family room.

It really isn’t difficult to follow this simple rule and it starts with deciding what you want in each closet and what makes sense to be in there.

Here are some examples of what you might put in your closets. A coat closet can hold more than coats. Since it is close to the front door, you may also want to put outdoor gear such as coolers, beach toys, or car cleaning supplies. Sometimes this is a good place for the vacuum cleaner.

A laundry room might be the best place for extra blankets, cleaning supplies, or travel items. In other words, there is not only one solution for organizing your things, but by keeping the “like” things together, the process is easier.

Featured photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash.