No More Rainy Days

As a highly sensitive person, (yes, it is a thing!), my emotions are affected by the weather. Overcast, dark and gloomy days make me feel down and sad. Bright, sunny days make me feel happy and hopeful. I first noticed the correlation between my mood and the weather when we moved to California. Since there are so many sunny days as opposed to rainy or cloudy days, I realized I was so excited to wake up and get my day started. I felt motivated.

Even though sunny days are my favorite, I also love a dark and rainy day. These are the days that I curl up with a book or watch a movie or take a nap. I give myself permission to enjoy staying in and eating comfort food. But too many of these days in a row is too much and then I need sunshine again.

Appreciate each day for what it brings.

Now that I am aware of the effects of the weather on my emotions, I try to just enjoy and appreciate each day as it is. I recognize what is happening and I do not let it overtake me. On sunny days, when I am feeling extra cheerful and motivated, I may push myself to do a little more and on rainy days, I may do something creative that brings me joy.

If you need a comfort day, take a comfort day, rain or shine.

After some really busy weeks in a row and I am feeling tired, I give myself a comfort day. It doesn’t have to be raining outside for me to read a good book. It is okay to regroup by enjoying some time to relax. I am always more productive when I allow myself the ability to reenergize.

You are in charge of your emotions, not the weather.

I recognize that my moods may be down because it is cloudy, but I no longer stay in that frame of mind. I might light candles or turn on more lights to make me feel brighter. I sometimes play music that is upbeat. I go to the gym. I do whatever it takes to keep my emotions up.

No more rainy days means I choose how to feel each day.

Some days we just have to do what we need to do and there really isn’t any room to decide how to feel about it. The weather does not have to dictate our emotions once we realize that is happening. Someone once reminded me, that every day is sunny, we just have to look above the clouds!

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