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    A Collage About Me

    When I sensed that my life was about to change in a big way, I found myself questioning everything about the way I lived. How was I spending my time? Who was I spending it with? What did I want to do? What was important to me? What did I value? The questions kept coming and I searched for answers.

    One activity that helped me sort through my questions, was to create a collage about my interests, passions, and who I wanted to be. This is an easy project that can be completed in an afternoon. I used a sturdy piece of mixed media paper, some Modge Podge, and inspirational magazines.

    First, just thumb through the magazines and cut out anything that represents you or feels good to you. This can be words or pictures or colors. When you have a nice big pile, lay them all out and see if anything is missing. For example, maybe you love bike riding and you don't have a picture of bicycles. You can print images from the internet if you need to fill in the gaps.

    Once you are finished cutting, arrange your collection on your paper. Collages are fun because there isn't a specific way to arrange the pieces. You can overlap, tear, and cut until you like your layout.

    Next, pour some Modge Podge in a plastic cup and with a paint brush, start gluing the pieces down. Put a layer of glue under the image and then another layer on top. Continue working from one side to the other. When everything is glued down and dried, you may want to brush another layer of glue over the whole collage.

    Creating a collage about yourself is a fun way to visually see what makes you happy and what you want your life to include. The collage is a nice reminder of what is important to you and allows you to see who you are at a glance.