Let It Happen or Make It Happen

A wise person once said, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time!”

Imagine yourself in the woods with a bow and arrow and shooting randomly in the air. Without a focus on a specific target, how would you know if you hit it? How would you know if you are any good at handling the bow if you are not hitting any target with purpose?

Some people live their lives this way, waking up each day and just doing whatever they happen to do. We have two choices when it comes to living our life: one, let it happen or two, make it happen.

Letting your life happen means you wake up each day, not sure what you will do. You might have an appointment, the house is messy, and you really need groceries. But then the day starts and because you let things happen as they may, you’re late for your appointment because the phone kept ringing. The house never got cleaned and while you were out you could have stopped for groceries but you have no idea what you need. Oh well, maybe you will do it tomorrow.

However, if you want to make your life happen, you are living with purpose. You wake up with a plan or in simple terms, a to-do list. You are prepared for your appointment and you arrive on time. On your way home, you pick up the groceries you need and quickly too because you have a prepared list. While dinner is cooking, you pick up the house. Then you check your messages and return the calls now that it is convenient for you. Your day was productive and before going to bed, you make your plan for tomorrow.

See the difference? When you take charge of your life by planning each day, you are deciding how you want to live your life. The next step is to set goals which lead to your dreams and to fit those tasks into your weekly plan. Check out further posts to see how easy it is to do this! For now, just focus on planning your current daily activities and making your life happen.

Featured photos by Harishan Kobalasingam and Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash.