Let It Go

“You really need to let that go!” Has anyone ever told you this? It was probably said with the best intentions, but it can have numerous meanings and can feel emotionally charged. So, let’s break this concept down and see how it is possible to “let go” of something that is holding us back in life. Let’s experience the freedom of “letting go” instead of the restriction from “holding on.”

What does it mean to let something go?

Maybe the better question is, “What are you holding on to?” Letting go is just the release of something we are holding on. Sounds simple, but not always easy to do.

What kinds of things do we hold on to and why?

Physical items

We can hold on to things that are physical, mental and/or emotional. Physical things are material items we buy, the stuff in our homes and closets. Once we have purchased these items, it can be difficult to let them go because of a financial investment we made. Other items might have an emotional attachment especially if they were a gift or if they remind us of a special memory.

The easiest way to detach yourself from physical items is to ask yourself, “Does this item serve me right now?” It may have given you pleasure in the past, but currently, is it adding value to your life by keeping it?

When I find it difficult to simplify my clutter, I remind myself that this item was useful for a time and now maybe someone else can use it. If it is the memory associated with an item that makes it difficult to let it go, I remind myself that the memory is in my heart and not in the item. I take a picture of it to cherish the visual aspect, but then I can let it go.

Emotional memories

Another thing we hold on to is emotional memories. This experience can be positive or negative. Positive memories are a joy to relive, but the negative ones cause us pain, anxiety, or stress.

These emotional memories are more difficult to let go than a physical item because they are tucked away in our minds. The same questions apply to help let go of these negative memories. “Does this memory serve me right now?”

We can try to learn from these not so pleasant memories if there was a lesson, and if not, we can clear the clutter in our minds. One way to do this is to imagine a leaf floating down a creek. Put the memory on the leaf and just watch it float away. Each time this memory resurfaces, repeat this exercise. Eventually, you will be able to let it go

What are you holding on to?

Are there things in your life, physically or emotionally, that you are holding on to and could possibly be holding you back? If there are things that are preventing you from living the life you want, explore them. Find out why. Anything that no longer serves you, let it go!


Featured photo by Anastasiya Romanova on Unsplash.