When I was younger I had a pink diary with a key. I could lock the pages so I felt safe writing my secret thoughts and feelings. No one else could see what I wrote.

Today, we don’t have diaries; we have journals. By definition, journaling is keeping a record of daily experiences, thoughts, and activities. People no longer need a locking diary to journal because they openly share their lives on social media. The need for a key to lock up our thoughts isn’t necessary when we post online for the world to read, but this isn’t appealing to everyone. Some of us like the idea of pen and paper.

There are all kinds of journals. Some are just blank for you to designate as you wish or just write your daily thoughts. Other journals have a theme or specific purpose like a gratitude journal. There are also nature journals, art journals, or dream journals.

Journaling is a healthy habit that helps to clear our minds and record our thoughts. The process of putting our feelings into words is amazingly therapeutic. It is one way to document our lives and, in some ways, gives our lives meaning and value.

The best way to make this a daily habit is to set aside a block of quiet time to dedicate to your journal. Ten minutes is all you need, but sometimes you may start writing and want to spend longer with your journal.

So, pick up a journal, your favorite pen, and empty your mind on to the paper. It doesn’t matter how you journal, when you journal, what you journal, etc. All that matters is that you give it a try! 

Featured photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash.