Tiny Habits, Big Rewards

Which is better: to practice the piano for three hours every Saturday or to practice for thirty minutes everyday? Or what about to exercise one day a week for two hours or to exercise for twenty minutes everyday? In either case, you will improve just because you are giving that activity some attention, however, most would agree that it is the little bits of time, over a longer period of time that creates lasting results.

We all try to make changes in our life. We get motivated. We set a goal; plan a strategy. And hopefully this determination lasts all of one or two weeks.

But what if you took a tiny step, one day at a time?

I recently came across a Ted Talk with behavioral scientist, BJ Fogg. He explains how his research has shown that the most effective way to make a long term change in your behavior is through what he has coined, Tiny Habits. He says, "Your habits make you what you are today."

I encourage you to watch his talk and start taking the small steps to help you develop the habits you want in your life!

For additional information, check out his website at TinyHabits.com.

Featured photo by Hean Prinsloo on Unsplash.