Handmade Journals

My love of working with paper began when I was very young. I was fascinated with my paper dolls and liked to create my own accessories for them. I enjoyed sitting for hours cutting paper and trying to make my own creations.

Another passion of mine is bookmaking. The art of designing and assembling a handmade book is being replaced with the speed and perfection of digital technology. My heart aches at this realization. However, I am a big believer that a person should do the things that bring joy and making books is my passion.

Creating handmade journals is the perfect mix of my two favorite things – paper and bookmaking. I can work on my craft for hours and it feels like ten minutes have passed. Very few things bring me as much joy!

(If you would like to see some of my journals, here is a link to my Etsy Shop called CledoDesigns. I only sell my handmade journals on Etsy in order to manage my inventory because usually, I have 1-2 of the same item and that’s it. Each one is unique.)

Ideas for using a journal

There are no rules for how you could use a journal. A journal is very personal so it should reflect something about you. It can be used to collect thoughts, record quotes, contain doodles or memorabilia. If that feels too broad for you, try deciding on a purpose for each journal.

LIFE RECORD: Your journal could be your diary of sorts. It can be a collection of your life however you wish. It could include daily entries, notes from your life, snippets of life lessons, and more.

FAMILY HISTORY: It could be a legacy to leave your children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews. You could write about your family, stories and recipes that are handed down through generations, and even pictures.

ADVENTURE: Maybe you are embarking on some sort of life adventure. A special journal could record your every step. If you travel, a journal could capture all your thoughts and feelings about your experiences.

The thing I love most about a new journal is the possibilities. You are basically writing your own book, your own story. You can include anything you want and share something of yourself in that process. Treat yourself today and start a new journal for 2022!