Forward Motion

I have such a sweet tooth and anything caramel or chocolate is difficult for me to refuse! My solution to this indulgent addiction is that I do not keep any chocolate or caramel in my house. If I have it in the house, I WILL eat it!! My struggle is real!

One day, as I finished up some caramel cookies, I said to myself, “Those were so good!” About an hour later, I felt tired from the sugar crash and I regretted eating them because who can stop at one? The next day and day after, I stepped on the scale and didn’t like the number that popped up. But, how can I blame anyone other than myself because that is the result from eating a dozen caramel cookies!

I needed to come up with another strategy. I love the cookies as they are going down, but the results are not worth it! My choice to eat an unhealthy snack had consequences or outcomes that I did not like. I decided that I needed to make better choices in the future, and I realized that if I did, my life would also improve.

Our choices can have a profound effect on the quality of our lives. These choices move our lives either forward, backward, or stagnant.

Forward motion is my new goal for each day. I ask myself, “How will I move my life forward in a positive way today?” If I am taking little steps each day to make good choices, then by the end of the week, I have taken a big step. By the end of the month, a giant step. I want to make choices that move me in a direction that helps me grow and be better.

Some examples of these choices are eating healthy, exercising, or learning. I can choose to eat a carrot stick over a cookie, an apple over a brownie, etc. I can choose to walk or drive my car. I can choose to watch tv or read a book. Throughout the day, we are able to make better choices if we want better results. 

Of course, once in a while, we can eat a decadent treat. I do not like absolutes. But if most of your choices are positive ones, you will still be moving your life forward in a positive way! Having the phrase, forward motion, helps me to be mindful when I make choices about how I eat and how I spend my time, which then results in a better life!



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