Find Your Creative Spark

I was on vacation several years ago when I learned how important art was to me. We were in Georgia, walking around the city when we found a craft booth to paint your own piece of pottery. The next day you could pick it up.

I loved the lady running the booth. I couldn't decide which color to paint my piece and she said we could choose but it was really up to the kiln gods to decide how our piece would turn out.

Funny thing happened. My piece came out green when I thought I had painted it blue! But I loved it!! Painting that pottery was the highlight of the trip and I realized that it had been a very long time since I had done something creative.

I felt rejuvenated and alive!

In an article entitled, Creativity Can Reduce Stress — And Become A Habit, author Owen Poindexter wrote, "It’s common wisdom that relaxed people have an easier time being creative than their stressed out counterparts, but research suggests that the reverse is also true: creative activity is an effective strategy against stress. The focus, emotional expression, and perspective that come through creative acts disrupt mental patterns of stress and anguish, and help people lead more fulfilling lives."

It is good for your health to spend time creatively. It will reduce your stress and help you relax.

So find your creative spark!

There are many ways to be creative. What excites you? Is it music, drawing, dancing? Visit an art museum or an art store. Get inspired and then try something that looks fun. Explore and discover and create!

Featured photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash.