Enjoy the Seasons

Fall is my favorite season! I have always loved the warm sunshine, colored leaves, and pumpkin spice anything! But what I love most is that for the fall season, I have specific things I like to do, bake, and enjoy!

I like hiking and collecting leaves. I drink warm pumpkin lattes. I bake apple pie. I carve a pumpkin and eat the seeds. Each year I look forward to doing all these things.

Every season has its own traditions and special events. Take advantage of what you can do in your area. Bake special meals or try new recipes. Invite friends over to join you. Just because my kids are grown, doesn't mean I don't get to do these fun activities ... (still waiting for grandkids, but until then), I do these things for me.

I refuse to let the seasons pass by without getting the most out of them! There is still time for you to enjoy the fall!

Featured photo by Marius Ciocirlan on Unsplash.