Organizing Tip #8: Meal Planning

There is really no secret to meal planning, the planning IS the secret.

It is the secret to eating healthier, to saving time and money at the grocery store, and to less stress around dinner time. So while I can't give you a secret on how to plan a meal, I can encourage you to do it!

I personally just plan dinner meals because I eat basic breakfasts and lunches. As long as I have fruit and veggies on hand, those meals are easy.

So here are the basic steps to how I plan my weekly meals.

1) On a piece of paper, write the days of the weeks.

2) Check my calendar for the days that I don't need to cook or days that I need a really quick meal.

3) Now just write down what you want to eat that week.

See . . . no secret! And now that you have a plan, it is easy to create a grocery list! Food prepping will be addressed in another post, but for this week, try planning your meals this week!

Featured photo by Rawpixel on Unsplash.