Your Cozy Corner


In the living room, my mom had her designated “spot” on the couch. She sat on the right end. We knew we were not allowed to sit in her spot and if we did, we had to move when she entered the room. On the coffee table in front of the couch, my mom kept her scissors for clipping recipes and articles out of the paper, her ashtray, crossword puzzle, books, and her cup of tea. Everything she needed and wanted was within arm’s reach and she sat there every minute of every day she was at home. It was her spot.

Cozy corners, or designated spots, remind us of the activity we want to do there.

I have a bench in my bedroom near the door to my bathroom. It is tucked away in a place that is only convenient for meditation. Each morning, I brush my teeth, put my contacts in my eyes, and then sit on this bench to meditate. On days that I am running late, or I slept in a little too long, I pass by this bench, and I am reminded that I need to do my daily meditation. Because this spot is designated solely for the purpose of meditation, it is easy to transition from what I am currently doing to relaxing and breathing.

Create a cozy corner for yourself in your home.

My mom had a brilliant idea! She carved out a small space for herself and claimed it as her own. She filled the space with the things she enjoyed doing so no surprise that she spent so much time sitting in her spot.

Look around your home and find a special place that you can claim for yourself. It might be a little corner at the end of a hallway or the area around a chair or a section of your bedroom. Make it a small oasis for your own mental or emotional health. All you need is some seating and a small table with a lamp. Add a basket filled with your favorite books, a journal, and pens. A candle could add some warmth and ambience. Fill this space with things you love and make it cozy!

Allow yourself the time to enjoy your cozy corner.

Think of this special place you have claimed for yourself as a retreat. When life is getting busy or hectic, you can relax in your cozy corner. All your things that comfort you will already be there waiting for you. Light your candle, journal a little, or snuggle up with a blanket and read your book. Enjoy your spot until you feel refreshed again. You will look forward to spending time in your space every day!


Featured photo by Kate Darmody on Unsplash.