Creating Your Social Circle

About ten years ago, I moved to California from the Midwest. The most difficult part of making a long distance move was leaving my friends who I had known for 25 years. I felt very isolated and alone and I wanted to make some friends.

When you are young and in school, it is easy to make friends. It was simple to bond and connect to the people that shared most of your time. As a young mother, I connected to my children's friend's parents. But here for the first time, I had a difficult time finding people that I could call "friend."

I began my search for friends the same way I begin most journeys . . . I did a little research. Actually, I googled, "how to make friends." I read articles about friendship and what kind of people I wanted in my life. The people you share your life with become strong influences on how you will live. It is important therefore, to surround yourself with the people that you would like to become.

The best relationships are those that you share similar values. So I wasn't looking for just anyone to hang out with. I wanted people who would push me to grow, value the same things, and enjoy similar interests. The next part to making friends is putting yourself out there, so-to-speak. You have to meet people, lots of people, to find those that you can connect with.

    • 1. Do the things you love doing. Go hiking, biking, or swimming. Just get out there are do what you love.
    • 2. Join meetups. Sign up for events and go.
    • 3. Take classes. Learn new skills or knowledge.
    • 4. Become a member. Join a gym, book club, or art group.
    • 5. Volunteer.
Once you are at these activities or events, start conversations. Introduce yourself and get to know other people. Exchange phone numbers and meet for coffee or dinner. Chances are those people are looking for a friend too!

Featured photo by Katie Treadway on Unsplash.