Creating Rituals

Most people hear the word "ritual" and automatically assume that a ritual HAS to be associated with a religious experience. Even though this often is true, it is not always true.

Buried in the definition of the word ritual is, "an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner."

We have rituals that we do every day. Rituals bring us comfort and set a mood because we do them routinely.

We may have a night time ritual of getting ready for bed. We may turn on our lamp, pull the covers down, or make a cup of tea.

A morning ritual could include lighting a candle and beginning the day with journaling. We may just sit quietly in the afternoon maybe sketching or reading.

Each one of these things has something in common. We are completing a series of acts in a certain manner. Some would call these habits or routines. But I think "ritual" is when we are also creating a mood or atmosphere.

I don't think the name or title is important, but creating these little moments throughout your day is what brings us comfort and calmness.

Think about what you want to include in each day, and then create little rituals to make these moments happen!

Featured photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash.