Choose Your Motto

"Happy New Year!" Not only is it the beginning of a new year, it is the beginning of a new decade! So it is a truly special new year! I personally have high hopes and expectations for 2020. I am not sure why this year is different from any other New Year’s, maybe it is because 2020 has a nice ring to it. Or maybe it is because it’s a new decade. Or maybe it is because I just want more from this year.

After going through some difficult times during the last three years, I am ready to hold tightly to my dreams and goals. I am ready to create a life I LOVE! And I am determined to make 2020 everything it can be.

One of the things that keeps me going throughout the year is coming up with my personal motto for the year. My motto keeps me on track and focused. It serves as a constant reminder as the days, weeks, and months of the coming year pass by.

A motto also represents a value that I am trying to strengthen. Whenever I get too busy and distracted, my motto gets me refocused. Here are some examples of my past mottos:

  • Have integrity no matter what.
  • Discipline.
  • Be kind to everyone.

They seem like simple phrases because they are. I try not to make my mottos complicated and yet those few words really encompass so much more.

“Have integrity no matter what.” I chose this motto one year because I had read a story about Abraham Lincoln and how he got his reputation for being honest. This story may or may not be true but I wanted to earn a reputation so people would know my intentions were trustworthy. Throughout the year, little things happened, and I would recall my motto. I went to lunch and ordered a half sandwich but was served a full meal. So, I told the waiter and paid for what I received (since I was hungrier than I thought, and I ate it). Another day, I was given a lot more change than I was due. When I realized what happened, I went back to the store and returned it. My motto kept me on track all year. Bigger things happened as well but the point is I had integrity no matter what.

“Discipline.” Yikes that was a hard one and I still struggle. I know I should go to the gym or not have that sweet dessert, but I give in. This motto is a constant battle for me.

“Be kind to everyone.” It is easy to be kind to friends. It is harder to be kind when the grocery store clerk appears to be taking their time and you have a million things to do. I decided that this motto would help me to notice how I was acting to everyone I encountered throughout the day. Wow, there are so many opportunities to be kind!

My motto for this year is “Begin now.” This motto is to help me focus on not procrastinating. I put so many things off to tomorrow or next Monday or whenever I get around to it. I decided that in 2020, there is no more room for procrastination. I am sure I will want to come up with excuses, but my motto will act as a reminder that I should begin now instead of waiting until another time.

I have also come up with a plan that when I am tempted to procrastinate, I will at the very least, take the next little step (no matter how small it will be).

What will your personal motto be for 2020? Think about what you want to focus on throughout the year. What phrase or word will keep you on track with your dreams and goals? Put signs up as a reminder. Print your motto and frame it. Make some art piece with your motto like a collage or painting. Write it in your journal. Describe what your life would look like if you lived by your motto.

I would love to hear what motto you chose for 2020 and why? Please comment below. I welcome your words! 

Featured photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash.