Calming Nature

I first learned the calming effect of being in nature when my daughter was in grade school. I had been working so much, driven by my goals and she had a field trip to the local nature preserves. Of course, I wanted to take her, but as usual, had a million things to do before we left. Finally, we headed out and we were only a little late. We hurried to meet the group and after I caught my breathe, I looked around . . . instantly, I relaxed. I was surrounded by nature.

The effect was profound. I felt all the tension inside me go away. At that moment, I knew my priorities were out of order. I was focused on all the wrong things and I had to make a change. My daughter deserved better and so did I.

The calmness I felt in the woods was such a contrast to the busy lifestyle I had been living. But in that moment, nothing else seemed to matter and the quiet was a welcomed relief.

Albert Einstein said, Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better. My eyes were opened the minute I was immersed in nature and I understood I needed to change.

Try not to wait too long before you look to nature. Every day, if possible, or at least once a week, immerse yourself. Take regular walks and find a favorite hiking trail. You can visit local nature centers or volunteer to clean up parks. In your home, buy a new plant or fill a basket with pinecones.

Surround yourself with the calming effects of nature.

Featured photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash.