A Little Each Day

I heard the saying, “We are the sum of our daily habits.” (If you know who said this, please add it to the comments below so I can give them credit.) I remind myself of this at times when I wish I had eaten healthier and am feeling sick. Or when I need a skill that I put off learning. Or when I am behind on a deadline and wish I had worked a little harder.

The things we do daily, like eat well, exercise, read, and learn, are the very things that move our life forward. These important daily habits are the things that make us grow as a person. All it takes is doing a little each day, every day, or at least regularly.

Many of the goals we have can only be achieved by these daily habits. For example, we can’t lose that ten pounds by eating healthy for a week and then going back to our old way of eating. But we can drop that ten pounds and keep it off by establishing daily healthy habits.

It is so easy to wish for things to be different; the hard part is making the daily changes we need to make.

Think about where/what you would like to be in three months, six months, or one year. Would you like to learn something new, or exercise more, or just be healthier? Then ask yourself, “What one daily habit can you do to achieve this goal?” Do a little each day and you will be so happy in a few months!

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Featured photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash.