Remember What is Important

Remember What is Important

The holiday season is approaching quickly – only 4 days left! I sometimes panic. Did I buy enough for each person? What if they don’t like their presents? Did I forget anyone?

I have to remind myself to remember what is important about celebrating the holidays. For me, it is the people in my life and spending time with them. All the other stuff is just fluff.

This season, spend a quiet moment appreciating all you have in your life. Try to connect and share some time with the people that are important to you. In my home, I like to create space for us to relax and do things together.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Have a puzzle set up (with the frame done and the pieces sorted).
  • Spread games out on the table.
  • Bake some goodies or better yet, have a cookie decorating area
  • Set up a drink station with punch, cider, or cocktails.
  • Provide an easy craft like glitter glue and clear ornaments.

Having these different areas in your home where people can gather provides an opportunity for talking, sharing, and laughter. I have noticed that a puzzle is especially ideal for conversation because everyone is focused on the activity so it takes the pressure of the relationship. Give these ideas a try! If you have other suggestions, I would love to hear all about them!

I hope you have the most wonderful holiday celebration! 

Featured photo by Reuben Teo on Unsplash.

Handmade Gifts

Handmade Gifts

Receiving a gift can really touch my heart. Not only is the gift special, but it is also that this person took the time to think of me. And if the gift is handmade, well I will probably treasure it forever. For me, the best gifts to receive are those that are handmade. When we make something with our hands, it is filled with our heart and soul. Nothing compares to a gift like this.

As part of your gift giving this holiday season, consider what you could make instead of buying a gift from a store. What are you good at doing? Do you cook? Maybe you could bake cookies, breads, or fill a jar with goodies. Do you paint? You could paint a small picture and frame it. Think about your hobbies and skills. What can you offer to someone else? Check out Pinterest or do Google searches for ideas. Even if you are not crafty, there are so many simple gifts you can make. (Better yet, learn a new craft!)

There are so many benefits for making your gifts. First, a handmade gift usually doesn’t cost very much or at least it usually costs less than a store-bought version. Handmade gifts are one-of-a-kind. They are special and unique. That’s why they are treasured by the recipient. Finally, handmade gifts show how much you care about a person. Time is a valuable resource and a gift like this requires you to spend time making it.

This year, I made something special for my daughter-in-laws and daughter this year, but I cannot tell you in case they are reading my blog. It costs less than anything else I purchased for them, yet I am most excited about giving this gift! I did pour my heart into this gift and I hope they will love it! Honestly, I am not sure who benefits more from making a handmade gift because it is so much fun to put it together. While I am working on it, I am thinking of them.

Next year, I would like to have handmade gifts for everyone! I cannot think of a better way to show how much I love the people who receive these gifts.

I would love to hear about your handmade gifts. What did you make? How was it received?

Featured photo by Kristina Balić on Unsplash.

Organizing Tip #21: Bag Lady

Organizing Tip #21: Bag Lady

We have a joke in our family . . . we are all bag ladies! You can never have enough bags because when the occasion strikes, you need the perfect bag!

I am not talking about expensive purses here, just bags in general. They can be dollar store shopping bags or Target backpacks. The price is not relevant. But the size, shape, and design is the deciding factor for which bags to hoard and which bags to eliminate.

There are four girls in my family and we all have a stash of bags. We openly joke about it! In fact, I have passed on this accumulation habit to my daughter. She has her own stash of bags in her closet! We once left TJ Maxx with four new bags because she could not decide or eliminate any of them.

I should clarify that “bags” does not mean purses. It includes purses but it also includes all types of other bags.

When I clean out my closet, I must also sort my bags. I lay them all out on my bed and look at which ones I like to use for different occasions. It is hard to let them go even if I haven’t used it for several months.

To store my collection, I place the same type of bags inside the largest one of that type. For example, I have backpacks, carrying bags, and purses. I put all the backpacks in the largest backpack. I put all the carrying bags inside the largest carrying bag. And finally, I put all the purses in the largest purse. It is a system that works well for me. When I head out the door and need a bag, I can find the perfect one quickly.

If you are a bag lady like me, I hope this helps you keep the number of bags you possess under control and organized. And no, unfortunately, this blog post is not a joke. I really do have an obsession with bags and proudly call myself a “bag lady.”

Featured photo by Alfonso Ramirez on Unsplash.