When we bring a new plant into our homes, we have to consider where is the best place for it to thrive. Does it need a lot of sunshine or just a little? The things we care about and use often should be in places where they serve us well and are convenient. These items get a prime location.

Unpacking, downsizing, and getting organized were recent areas of focus for me since we moved into a new place. I have come to use this new term while I am deciding where to put things. When you have a lot of space, it doesn’t really matter as much where the blender is stored; however, if you have a limited amount of cabinet space, you have to make decisions that affect your day-to-day lifestyle. By the way, I use my blender frequently so for me, it matters!

My kitchen is smaller than it was before so I used the idea of prime locations to help me decide what goes where. Everything I use daily, gets the prime spots. What I rarely use, was placed in the hard-to-reach places. The rest went somewhere in the middle. Sounds confusing? Actually, it was really easy and helped me unpack my kitchen in a few hours, which was faster than ever before.

If you have been living in your home for awhile and find yourself digging out that slow cooker all the time, maybe it needs a more convenient spot in your cabinet. Take notice of when you feel frustrated that you have to jump over fiery hoops to get something you want.

This principle works for all rooms in your home. My workspace was rearranged as well as my bathroom. It is just a little thing to keep in mind when you are organizing, but very helpful!

Featured photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash.