Self-Care List

Self-Care List

Self-care simply by definition is the care for oneself. It can be used to justify a spa day, a personal day from work, or just a me day. Taking care of ourselves is not only necessary, it is also essential to happy living.

Self-care usually refers to when we feel emotionally or mentally down. Some people neglect this type of care, but it is just as important as when we are ill. If we feel physically sick, we stay in bed and rest or take medicine. And when we are emotionally unwell, we also need care.

During a period of sadness, it is hard to think about what to do to feel better. One idea is to make a list of things that help. The next time you are feeling low, check your list and pick something to do for yourself. Some ideas might include: taking a bubble bath, going on a walk, reading a book, or calling a friend.

Having a list is helpful, however, it is more important to actually act upon how you will care for yourself. Self-care is also having the discipline to do what you need to do to make yourself feel better. So the next time you are feeling physically, mentally, or emotionally down, be sure to take care of you!


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Organizing Tip #15: Working From Home

Organizing Tip #15: Working From Home

More than 50% of the workforce today works from home ranging from full-time hours to at least one day a week. Having this option offers the employee the benefits of avoiding a commute, flexibility, and saving money. All of this creates a happier employee! A self-employed person who works from home has the additional benefit of having autonomy.

I love working from home! For me there are so many advantages and I am grateful for being part of that 50% who have this opportunity. I wanted to share with you some of the ways I make the most of this lifestyle.

First, the flexibility to design my day so it is beneficial to my work and my health – physical, mental, and emotional. I start my day with my morning routine. Completing all the things I want to do everyday usually takes me from three to four hours so depending on when I wake up, I am finished by 10-11 am. I spend time at the gym, read my book, walk my dog, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

Next, I buckle down and focus on my actual work. This type of work will be different for everyone, but with all my daily tasks out of the way, I feel focused and motivated. I work hard for the next several hours until I need a break. This might be 2-3 in the afternoon.

I take a short break by playing fetch with my dog or calling a friend. I check my to-do list and decide what I need to finish.

Finally, with a renewed and refreshed attitude, I work again for another 3-4 hours. I stop around 6-7 pm. In total, I work very focused about 6 hours per day, but I have accomplished more than I would have in an office for 8 hours.

This kind of schedule may not work for you, especially if you have young children at home. The idea is to create a schedule that does work with you life, but to take advantage of the ability to work from home. Add some quiet moments or breaks that enhance your day! Go for a walk, sleep in, or read a book. Create a work day you love!

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Showing Appreciation

Showing Appreciation

In a world that is becoming more and more self-centered, a little appreciation for one another will go a long way towards realizing, “it is not about me.” Recognizing that our life does not revolve around us, nor does the sun rise and set when we do, will make us more grateful of others. Studies show that people who are grateful, are happier people.

Appreciation is merely an outward extension of gratitude. We can be grateful on the inside, in our hearts, but when we actually express our gratitude, it shows up in the form of appreciation. So take a moment to think about who you are grateful for and then take another step — show a little appreciation.

This step of appreciation can be a simple gesture like a card or a text. It could be a phone call that expresses sincere thanks. Other small gift ideas are a helium balloon, a few special treats, or a homemade dish. The gesture doesn’t have to be big to make a big impact.

Think about the people in your life that you are grateful for and show them a little appreciation!

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