Doing you best is a value. For me, it sort of goes along with having integrity. If I am applying myself to a task and giving my time and attention to it, then I feel it is worth my best effort. And knowing I gave my best, gives me an inner satisfaction with or without any external reward.

It might be easier to understand the concept by thinking about what is not “doing our best.” We immediately know what this means . . . a half-hearted attempt, a non-thorough job, or not using our full potential. There are some tasks that don’t require our sweat and tears, but they still deserve to be done well.

Make a commitment to yourself to live life, giving your best whenever possible. It will cause you to dig deep and put forth more effort. You will have the satisfaction of knowing, “you did your best.” The result of your effort will be what it will be. You have no control over that. But the result in you will be a stronger character of you becoming your best self.

Featured photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash.