One of my childhood memories includes my mother clipping recipes from the newspaper and magazines. She would meticulously cut them out and make a pile on the table next to her. She never cooked so I wondered why she took the time to cut and save them. Perhaps they represented a desire or a dream. Unfortunately, those recipes never became a dish on our dinner table.

Guess what? I found myself clipping recipes. Kids learn by observing right? Oooohhh this sounds good! Snip, snip, snip. Pretty soon my little metal recipe box was full. Now what? Was I actually supposed to cook these things?

One difference between my mother and me. . . I cook. And I started cooking the recipes I found on various scraps of paper in my little metal box. Some dishes my family enjoyed; others, not so much. Those recipes were hastily thrown away. Sometimes, I would even modify a recipe to our liking and then I would retype it to include our changes.

Over the years, I have accumulated our family’s favorite recipes. These are lovingly prepared on special occasions or when requested because a craving just must be satisfied. So how do I organize my recipes?? The answer is, “with loving care.”

Food brings people together. I treasure my recipes with the same value as our family photos. If a fire breaks out, grab the pets and kids, but don’t forget your recipes too!

Featured photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash.