I think the best part of the holidays is all the days leading up to it like the shopping, decorating, wrapping gifts, playing music, and going to parties. But when the holidays are over, we are faced with putting all the reminders of our festivities away. Instead of feeling sad, I make this a fun project. I put in a Christmas movie (or maybe two or three) and take my time putting everything away in an organized manner. I have a separate container for each type of decoration. All my ornaments and tree decorations are in one. Other containers could include one for stocking things, one for garlands, and one for table linens. I also use this opportunity to purge any items that I didn’t use this year. When I am all finished and all the decorations are nicely stored away, I finish my movie with a glass of wine and kick up my feet with anticipation of next year!

Featured photo by Terricks Noah on Unsplash.