My last organizing tip was about folding bed sheets. Here is one about making your bed, but I am not really going to explain how to make your bed, but that you should make your bed. And really, although this post is a little about making your bed, it is also about doing tasks that take two minutes or less.

So let’s first address the idea of making your bed in the morning. You may already know that my mother was not a fan of keeping a clean home. She often joked about it so I am sure she wouldn’t mind me spilling her secrets. However, she taught me one thing- make your bed first thing in the morning, each and every day. I continued this ritual my whole life, except when I first had my own apartment. I didn’t have to make my bed. No one was there to make me and so I didn’t. It felt uncomfortable with my unmade bed and my whole room looked messy. When I wanted to lay on my bed, I had to straighten the comforter. Getting in bed at night just didn’t feel inviting because the sheets were all bunched. Guess what?! I started making my bed again, each and every day.

This tip goes one step further. We tend to put of tasks that we think we don’t have time to do. We are rushed in the morning and so we don’t make our bed, for example. Then I realized, making my bed takes literally less than a minute yet has a great impact on how we move forward in our day. When our bed is all made up, our bedroom looks cleaner even if there are clothes all over the floor. How many other tasks are there that take less than a minute or two but have a great impact? Doing dishes, taking out the trash, hanging up clothes, flossing our teeth are just a few of these kind of tasks. This list may be different for everyone, but the point is to do them, each and every day.

Featured photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash.