I am all about making my life simple and easy so I have time to do the things I love. Cleaning is not something I love to do, so why not make it easy. I began to realize that often I neglect a task just because the cleaning products are downstairs or in another room. When I end up doing that task later, it usually becomes a bigger task. How do I simplify cleaning? I start by putting the tools I need, where I need them.

Here are some easy ways to have your supplies within reach.

  • In the bathroom, put windex or wipes under the sink. After getting ready in the morning, it will be easy to clean the counter or mirror as needed.
  • In trash cans, put a roll of trash bags at the bottom. When you remove the trash, it will be easy to replace the liner right away.
  • Find the places in your home where you can make cleaning easier. The idea is that you put the tools you need, where you need to use them.

Happy Cleaning!