Our closets are a convenient way to hoard stuff. After all, we can keep shoving stuff in there and then we close the door, hiding all the clutter. Because we don’t have to look at it, we avoid dealing with it. No one likes to clean out a closet! It can be uncomfortable because sometimes we don’t even know what is in there! But have no fear, this blog is just about dealing with your clothes. If you have other stuff in your closet that needs sorting, be sure to read my post about how to sort stuff (Tip #2).

Our clothes . . . are not just ordinary stuff. We wear them and form attachments to them. We either love the way they feel or look on us. We have favorites and our comfies. We have the must-haves or the formals. We hang on to more than we need because in the back of our minds we want to have just the right outfit for a special event. We also change sizes throughout the year, or at least most of us do, and so we are afraid to get rid of anything.

Years ago, I read an article about organizing clothes and it said if you haven’t worn an item within the last year, you probably aren’t going to wear it at all. I even extended this to two years. Now you are probably thinking, “Oh that’s not me! I wear everything in my closet.” I thought that too, until I started going through piece-by-piece. Every time I found something I hadn’t worn, I realized it was something that didn’t feel good on me, so I would choose something else to wear instead.

Go through your closet and eliminate the clothes that you don’t feel good wearing. Easy right? You will be left with your favorites and getting dressed in the morning will become easier because you won’t have to weed through all the stuff you don’t like. Thin your wardrobe. Make your life simpler. And you will be happier.

Featured photo by Lauren Roberts on Unsplash.